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The long undiscovered wonder grain! Not so long ago, teff products which have been used and produced in the north-east African kitchens for thousands of years, were almost absolutely unknown in so-called "1st world countries". Based on its positive properties in terms of nutrition, teff has been known for quite a long time in the world of sports – but only now, the tiny and wondrous grain is becoming more popular in the western world. Who discovered this superb trend? Hollywood celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have adjusted their diets to include teff products. Through this small spotlight, teff is now becoming more popular. Making teff in turn easier to buy than it was a couple of years ago. It is now possible to buy teff products in well assorted health stores and bio supermarkets.

How Much Does Teff Cost?

Teff-Diet - Teff Flour and Grains

Teff tends to be more expensive compared to our common grains like wheat, rye or spelt. There are several reasons for that. For one, the lovegras which has to be harvested to create teff, is not cultivated much yet in the northern climate. This means that transport costs for the import makes the price for the consumer higher. Another reason is that teff is not a mass cultivated product, but a special crop. Ethiopian farmers still cultivate and process it in a traditional way, not like wheat which going into mass production for the western world. Therefore, supply is smaller than the demand and the price is relative to that fact. So you have to pay a little more in the shops if you want to buy teff. Here is a price comparison to show difference:

  • 1kg organic wheat flour → €2.85

  • 1kg organic rye flour → €2.30

  • 1kg organic spelt flour → €2.70

  • 1kg teff flour → €6.40

1kg of teff flour or 1kg of teff grains are not available for less than €5.50 on the market. But this shouldn't deter you from buying teff. If you have a look at our recipe page, you can see the unlimited uses of teff, which are only needed in small amounts, so your purchase will last you a long time!